Rent Assured Features 

Improve Communication

Be on the same page with your tenant to save time and eliminate “he said, she said” disputes!

Protect your properties, and always stay in touch with your Tenants

Digital Workflows

  • Digitization of all paper – Applications, lease documents, checklists, and other documents
  • Invite potential tenants to complete paperwork digitally
  • Track and approve applications
  • Automatic Tracking and Audit-Trail of Activities
  • Block-Chain Validated E-Signatures
  • Digital Agreements and Checklists
  • See Copies of All Documents or access them for download.


Managing Units

  • Easily add and inactivate units-Pay for what is being used
  • Invite tenants and manage the tenant process
  • Easy to Use Mobile App
  • Cloud-Based, HIPAA Compliant Document Management System
  • Instant Notifications and Communications​



  • Online Maintenance to view submitted workorder
  • View photos, videos and sounds that are attached workorders
  • Easily communicate the status of the workorders to tenant
  • Video-Enabled Maintenance Requests
  • Online maintenance request in real time
  • Take photos, videos with sound or upload them directly in RentAssured
  • Easily track the maintenance status and communicate in one place




  • Centralize communication amongst your tenants in one place
  • Ability to upload files to send to your tenants
  • Ability to see the communication log of all the interaction
  • Date/Time Geo-Stamped Photos with a Push of the Button


  • Collect payments online
  • Linked Payments
  • Set automatic payments for seamless rent collection
  • Invoice tenants for any service
  • Collect application and other fees
  • Allow tenants to schedule and submit payments online


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Avoid the costly mistakes with this Move in/Move Out Checklist Form

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